Christmas Eve

Its Christmas eve..
tis year kinda boring, no event going on~
most of frenz gone bek jor..
huhu~ left a few ppl nia~

Anyway, wanna wish all of u a fruitful n blessed Christmas~
to my pc, after Christmas guai guai go check-up..
to my plushies, dun 4get me hor..
to my frenz in sgmt, come out limteh bah..
to my game frenz, happy always n dun miss me..
to my lecturer, plz gimme d answer!!

P.S.: Berhati-hati di jalan raya~sayangilah nyawa anda!

Everyone Connects - Through My Window

One fine day saw d tm new advert~
Its ab a paperboy n a papergal(if u dunno =.=)
Well, what most attracts me is the song...
Hmm.. dat song seems so cool~
At 1st i tot is some US band bt..
Until 2day, jz found out..
Its LOCAL band!! Called Bunkface~


哈哈*傻笑*,华语很差~不会写(对不起华语老师,老师你收到我还给你的东西吗?) =3=
write in English better..
well, kinda sad as will b leavin 4 KL in 1 week time..
by dat time, less on9 jor lu~
by dat time, class started jor lu~
by dat time, even miss u guyz lu~
by dat time, dun miz me k? (i noe u guyz will *vomit* or *cough*)
haha.. kla, stop here sin~
cont my unfinished business~~
till then, ciao!!


Found out many funny old sms received last time..
One of them:

"2 lovers plan to commit suicide.
Boy jumped first,
Girl closed her eyes & return back saying love is blind.
Boy in air opened his parachute saying love never dies."


Hello, tis is my 1st post for my 1st blog.
Well, m currently enjoy my holidays in Johore..
Hmm.. many ppl ask watca gonna do in tis hols?
Well, S-L-A-C-K-I-N-G in front of the pc, enjoying so called "high-speed" internet (dam! its suxx)
Luv 2 twit (thx 2 d microsoft fella who introduced n addicted me) =_=

Dats all 4 nw.. bek 2 my on9 game... ciao~
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